Join us June 7-28, 2021

Learn the biggest blocks and myths around manifesting and why you feel you’re not yet able to manifest what you want. You will clarify your soul’s truest desires, receive divine insights and guidance around them and shift your energy towards abundance so you can receive all the goodness coming your way!

What do you *really* want?

True love? Freedom from past wounds? Signs you're on the right path? Abundance and new opportunities?

Through daily Soul Talks Meditations you'll get out of your head and into alignment with your soul's purpose.


This Soul Talks Manifestation Series will help you:

+ Clarify your true needs and desires and ditch the ego-based ones

+ Move out of limiting beliefs and into trust in the process

+ Open to abundance and feeling worthy and whole as you are

+ Get into a receptive state that allows what you want to come to you easily

+ Receive signs validations that you’re on the right path

+ Learn our "rinse and repeat" manifestation steps so you can use this well beyond our 3 weeks together

+ Establish or expand your daily meditation practice + deepen your relationship with the Divine.

Includes daily support from Rebecca & Cindy for 3 weeks!

What's Included:

3 LIVE workshops, daily meditation prompts, weekly channeled messages and guided meditations, supportive community, opening and closing celebrations + unlimited support from Cindy/Rebecca for 21 days

  • 1

    Welcome + Introduction

    • Welcome to the Summer Manifestation Series!

    • Day 1: How to Begin

    • Question/Prompts for Your Daily Soul Talks Meditation

    • Soul Talks: The Practice -- Learn the 5 Simple Steps (G.R.A.C.E)

    • Printable Series Calendar

  • 2

    The Workshops

    • WEEK 1 Manifestation Workshop Recording

    • Week 1 Workshop Handout

    • WEEK 2 Manifestation Practice Recording

    • WEEK 3 Manifestation Practice Recording

    • Closing Celebration 6/28 at 7:30 pm CST

  • 3

    BONUS: Weekly practices, channeled messages and more

    • Guided Meditation for your Daily Practice (with music)

    • Guided Meditation for Your Daily Practice (no music)

    • Movement Practice: Manifesting Using your Chakras

    • Music for your Meditations

    • Week 1 : Channeled Messages (w/ Cindy)

    • Guided Meditation (recording) from Workshop 1

    • Week 2: Guided Meditation w/ Rebecca

    • Week 2: Pick a (tarot) Card Reading w/ Rebecca

    • Guided Meditation (recording) from Workshop 2

    • Week 2 Channeled Insights w/ Cindy

    • Week 3: Guided Meditation w/ Rebecca

    • Week 3 Channeled Messages w/ Cindy

    • Guided Meditation (recording from Workshop 3)

  • 4

    Ask Us Anything!

    • Got questions? Need help and guidance? Rebecca and Cindy are here every day to provide support.

Your Soul Talks teachers:

Soul Talks co-creator

Rebecca Niziol

For the past 10 years, Rebecca has been a life coach + yoga and meditation teacher helping women connect to their bodies, hearts, and souls in healing and meaningful ways. She’s a nature lover who lives on a modern farm with her dog Pip when they’re not traveling. Follow Rebecca on Instagram, @rebeccaniziol for grounded spirituality, tips on how to feel your feelings, and stories of dogs.

Soul Talks co-creator

Cindy Luffred

Cindy is a spiritual medium, intuitive, and healer who connects with spirit and departed loved ones to assist clients on their journey to reveal their truest selves and ultimately become “unstuck” in their lives. She is a former 9-to-5er, passionate coffee and wine enthusiast, and avid equestrian. Follow Cindy on Instagram, @revealingsoul, for channeled messages, astrological insights, and adventures with horses.
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Big changes after just one Soul Talks Workshop

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The Universe has amazing things planned for you!

Join us and be amazed at what you can receive

  • LIVE workshops + practices

    LIVE Workshop dates are currently set for Mondays June 7, 14, 21 at 7:30pm CST. You'll learn our secrets to soulful manifestation, be guided into a Soul Talks practice, and we'll have time for Q&A and sharing. All recorded and uploaded to our secure site within 48 hours.

  • Support and Discussion Forum

    Getting in your head? Feeling stuck? Have burning questions? For these 3 weeks you'll have full access to Rebecca (life coach) and Cindy (spiritual medium). They'll be here anytime you have questions or need support through our private online portal (not facebook!).

  • Community Accountability

    Imagine getting daily guidance, clues and messages from the Universe for 3 weeks to supercharge your manifestation powers! When you sign up for the Spring Series you'll be a part of a beautiful community to help hold your intentions and make them come alive with you.

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